Mushrooms I loved to sit by the wood fire and hear him talk. This time I didn’t come to listen, I came to cook. We moved into the kitchen, I went first, shoved stuff aside to make a space to work. He was too careful and a little miserly, cutting the mushrooms in thin slices […]

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Last Visit

Last Visit [Sunday, January 30, 1994] Bill Everson went into Dominican Hospital with pneumonia last October 16th, and nearly died. He was in intensive care for over 2 months, on life support, didn’t get out until early this month. They botched a tracheotomy when he went into pulmonary arrest; they cut one of his vocal

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My Master

I Found My Master (Robinson Jeffers) FRANCES: Was your poetry as strong from the very beginning? EVERSON: No. I found Jeffers, and that’s what made the difference. There’s kind of a shift in the center of gravity within the self when you find your master. Everything that happened before … you’re rubbing your head …

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Trickster [Thursday, January 6, 1983] EVERSON: I get my charismatics from my father, the expressive manifestation … the gift of gab. FRANCES: But to be charismatic it seems like you have to be spiritual too. Isn’t that what charisma is all about? EVERSON: Hitler had charisma but we don’t think of his charisma as being

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