Apology to Dr. Diebel

An Apology To Dr. Diebel There was this man his name was Diebel He had a patient who was very feeble She once went to college and learned to spell. Well here is the problem and I’ll tell you now Guess what happens when I spell His name always wrong. I put the “e” before

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See My Asylum

See My Asylum I am sane. I am sanity. I am a sanity case. Madness is a bedlam house. See sane, eat sanity, unveil thyself sane. I am morbid. I am a casebook, see the files. I am a morbid casebook of sanity cases. I am a morbid human walking casebook. The patients are a

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A Silent Scream For Help

A Silent Scream For Help There, see that man and his illusion if you can, see the sadness in his face, see how he fights to keep his space. Inside lies confusion, he’s growing weaker every day. I’m weak too, because I don’t know what to say to make it better, so I walk away.

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The Mother

The Mother The woman who killed her child sits in the nurse’s station. The woman who shot her five year old son. Who shot her husband. Who shot herself twice in the head. She lifts her arm for blood pressure, opens her mouth for temp, stares blankly while I take her pulse. I help her

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Mushrooms I loved to sit by the wood fire and hear him talk. This time I didn’t come to listen, I came to cook. We moved into the kitchen, I went first, shoved stuff aside to make a space to work. He was too careful and a little miserly, cutting the mushrooms in thin slices

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