George Kincaid

George Kincaid on his 99th birthday

George’s 99th birthday with first draft of his personal history, Boomtown

How we found out about George Kincaid

It was at a San Juan Bautista Historical Society luncheon at the Crane House, home of Encarnacion Ortega, my first cousin twice removed. Her mother was my 3rd great -grandmother’s sister. Encarnacion died in that house May 29, 1894. So when does George come into the picture?

A young newspaper reporter at the luncheon told me about a 97 year old man in Tres Pinos who, more than anything, wanted to tell his life story, but had sent three or four interested applicants away for one reason or another, usually George’s distrust and/or dislike of the applicant. It so happened that my yodeling cowboy father, Roy Herman, drove Jeeps, and George had owned the Tres Pinos dealership for decades.

I got George’s address. My good husband Tim and I drove out to his place in one-horse-town Tres Pinos. Knock knock knock. “He’s in the cookhouse.” That woman turned out to be his wife.

Knock knock knock. The door is ajar. [Louder] Knock knock knock. He is trying to straighten the table, strewn with papers of all sorts. “Who the hell is it?”

I say, “Roy Herman’s daughter.” He’s hard of hearing. “Roy Herman, the County trapper!”

George Kincaid's auto sales dealership in little Tres Pino, California
Kincaid auto dealership in Tres Pinos, in its heyday

George (later), “I got the Jeep franchise in 1947. Your dad bought that beautiful green Jeep pickup from me in 1950, first one in the county. Roy used to stop by the shop from time to time, always had his dog with him. Not much of a talker, but he was a hell of a hunter. That’s what killed him. August 7, 1974, 105 degrees in the shade and a deer on his back.

“Your dad died on the Quien Sabe. I know exactly where it happened. I’ll tell you how you can get there, closer to where it happened, is by going through the Finch Ranch. That’s where it happened, right bordering on the Quien Sabe. You can’t get right to exactly where it happened by going through the Quien Sabe, you can look and see. But on the Finch Ranch you can get right to the border there with the Silva place. I must have been there six to eight times.”

~ Frances Estelle Herman-Vargas-Buck-Tompkins-GallopAway

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